Why InPursuit?

Best sourcing capabilities. Best candidate evaluation and assessment. Best integration. Fueled by drive, dedication and ethics, InPursuit strives to be a company’s first choice for important talent acquisition initiatives...

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Industry Expertise

Our business acumen is extensive based on years of experience covering a wide span of industries and functional areas. We serve a wide range of industries including but not limited to Professional Services, Manufacturing, Technology...

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Customer Testimonials

Our comprehensive approach treats each step as equally critical to success and is administered according to standards that assure the very best candidate is chosen in the most efficient and professional manner...

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Our Services

Our Core Values

Written By David Zimmel, President of InPursuit Search

As an entrepreneur and business owner, one major piece of wisdom I have acquired is to seek clients that work hard every day to follow a core set of values. These values become the inner compass to drive all behavior within an organization. The day-to-day work is defining our best possible response around words like respect, honesty, trust, integrity and excellence. At InPursuit, we push ourselves and seek clients that have similar goals of operation day to day and week to week. If you are an organization that has instilled this type of mindset we want to work with you.

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