Our comprehensive approach treats each step as equally critical to success and is administered according to standards that assure the very best candidate is chosen in the most efficient and professional manner.

Phase 1: Discovery

As with any successful project it’s the initial steps that are most critical in the eventual conclusion of a successful search. In fact, if the time is taken at the outset of the search to determine the specific needs and plan strategically, …
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Phase 2: Talent Pursuit

This is most intensive and critical phase of the search. Once a sourcing strategy has been determined and we relentlessly drive down these avenues, new directions and resources leading to additional candidates are discovered. An often underestimated …
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Phase 3: Talent Assessment and Selection

Once a candidate is identified as a potential, there are multiple interactions with them via phone and in person. You’re not hiring a resume, but the culmination of training experiences, background, personality, desires and requirements. We …
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