Best Sourcing Capabilities

  • Collect information on the target market using in-depth knowledge and decades of experience
  • Develop concentric circles of our target market to zero in on the candidate base
  • Research industries and companies with skill sets that match our candidate target
  • Research profiles of candidates to promote our client opportunity
  • Drill into industries and companies with high-level competency of powerful tools and technology
  • Build effective promotional material as well as a competency to sell your position to active and passive candidates

Best Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

  • Multiple touch approach to evaluating candidates (approximately 3 hours of pre-qualification)

  • Telephone introductory calls to clearly communicate company and job description

  • Telephone interview process to evaluate the complete candidate profile including: tangible and intangible skills, salary expectations, personal variables that make up the decision points of making a career change

  • In-person interview or video conferencing – we spend extra time evaluating candidates qualification and presentation skills by personal, behavioral based interview or video conference

  • Candidate Management - our ability to get to know our candidates well and manage our relationship and communications with them

  • Assessment Management– we will use additional assessment tools and professional resources to identify what personality styles and profiles would fit best with our client’s position, culture and people

Best Integration

  • Specific goals and timetables for actions are developed as part of the search strategy for the final candidate

  • FirstView™ is used as an integration plan to create a 30-day, 60-day and 90-day action plan to ensure a fast start with well-defined expectations

  • Any start up issues are dealt with “out-of-the-block”

  • Following this initial work plan, InPursuit directs the completion of FullView™ as a multi-rater assessment tool with one-on-one coaching