Recruiting Games

During the interview process for a potential candidate, HR may fall into a trap of asking the same old questions: “Tell me about your sales history at company X” or “What types of machinery did you work on at Engineering firm Y” or “Why did you leave this company to work for the next one?” These are relevant questions; however, they do not give any insight to who the person really is, their work style, or their true personality. These elements could very well be game changers if the candidate does not fit the company’s culture.

One company took this concept to the next level. Reckitt Benckiser (RB) is a consumer goods company located in the United Kingdom. They are the world’s largest producer of household cleaning products and a major producer of healthcare and personal products. RB recently launched a personality evaluation on their website as well as on Facebook. It is made to resemble more of a game than a test. The user is asked a series of twenty questions given in the “would you rather” format, which is how the assessment got its name. Upon completion of Would you Rather the user is shown four different categories that fit their personality, for example “fearless, direct, ambitious and cool-headed.” It’s an element of recruiting that is used to better understand candidates and their fit for a particular job or team. After taking this assessment, a candidate can also access RB’s job openings and the fit. This is an example of how a company is putting a new face on personality tests and the insight given to understand people more deeply.

At InPursuit we do much of the “heavy lifting” for our clients. Before our client speaks with any candidates, people have been meticulously evaluated by our sourcing team. This means our clients are only speaking with exceptional candidates that are qualified for the position and will add value to the organization. InPursuit uses a number of personality and leadership assessment tools to delve deeper into our candidates and the quality of fit from both the company and candidate perspective. This is what sets us apart from other recruiting firms. We take pride in finding the best candidates for the job!

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