• “Companies continue to rely on a “surplus of candidates” assumption when designing their hiring processes. This involves allowing anyone and everyone to apply and weeding out the weakest. The problem is that you can’t use a surplus assumption when there isn’t a surplus. In a talent scarcity situation you to need to identify, attract and nurture the best.”

We are worse than ever….

  • “For some instant proof consider that total recruiting costs have increased, quality of hire has not improved, turnover has increased, speed to hire has not improved and according to Gallup, employee engagementhas not moved much from the 20 year trend of only 33%. I contend it’s related to fundamental problems that have existed for as long as I can remember.” 

Recruiting Reality

  • “At the time, the merging of the Internet, job boards, and the ATS as well as the creation of the in-house corporate recruiting department offered every company the promise of hiring great people seamlessly, painlessly, quickly and at low cost. It didn’t happen.

Technology – LinkedIn, ATS vendors and the others…

  • “To me, this masks the true problem and better solution. Being more efficient doing the wrong things mistakes activity for progress.”

One more thing …

  • “Hiring managers aren’t held accountable for hiring top people. If they were, those who get promoted would be those who do the best job of hiring people. If managers aren’t able to attract, hire and develop top talent they shouldn’t be hiring managers or they should cede the hiring decision to others.”

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