Greater MSP – We are a global leader and on a roll!!!

I recently attended the 2014 Greater MSP Annual Meeting where I was completely impressed by the work that has been done to increase the awareness of Greater MSP business community to the Global marketplace. The definition of our international connections, our world-renowned innovation and our rich talent pool puts us on the global stage to compete with any marketplace.

Many business leaders and innovators have spent numerous hours researching our marketplace and have determined that we lead and will continue to lead in several markets. The niche that has been strategically carved out for us by these leaders include:

  1. Health and Life Sciences.

  2. Food and Water Solutions.

  3. Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.

  4. Financial Services and Insurance.

As the presentation continued to lay out a very detailed plan the story unfolded right before my eyes. WE ARE VERY GOOD AT WHAT WE DO HERE AND WE ARE AND CAN BE A GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADER!!!

Let me share with you the convincing agreement by the several points below:

  1. 14 Forbes 2000 companies.

  2. 7 Forbes largest privately-held companies.

  3. 18 Fortune 500 companies call Greater MSP home.

  4. 8 - Inc. 500 fastest growing companies.

  5. The Greater MSP region is #1 in professional talent retention among the 25 largest US metro areas.

  6. The Greater MSP region ranks 7th among the largest 25 US metros for concentration of professional talent, and 3rd for concentration of professionals with children.

  7. Greater MSP has the 10th highest number of local college graduates among the largest 25 US metros, with over 67,000 graduates in 2013-2013.

I encourage all of you to check out the accomplishments of this organization and GET INVOLVED in promoting our great area!!!

Dave Zimmel, President