THE FUTURE WORKFORCE SERIES Talent Acquisition for 2021 and Beyond


Talent Acquisition for 2021 and Beyond

Blog 6 of 6

In this series on our Future Workforce Series, we have discussed recent workforce changes, supply and demand issues, and the new employee mindset. We went over why technology, communication and recruiting strategies are critical to winning the talent acquisition game.

We’ve also examined the value of understanding exactly what type of talent employers need while competing with other companies for the same talent. We then highlighted ways to find solutions that mutually benefit the organization, employees, and customers.

So… how do you pull all this together for rock-star results?

In this final blog, we provide you with our Recruiter Toolkit. It will equip employers with the essential components to drive success during the continuing pandemic and into the aftermath of Covid.

We know there is a supply and demand issue, and you want exceptional employees who can manage the job beyond expectations and help you achieve your long-term goals. You also want recruits that not only fit into but provide role modeling for your culture. We have a process for that.

Here are 5 key factors that are often missed.

We’ve established in previous blogs that you must begin with an in-depth evaluation of what is needed to move the company forward. This analysis is not focused on current employees, their strengths, and the work. Rather, it is an honest review of future needs, skills, and talents to drive performance toward goals and complete the work to best advantage.

Once this is determined, it is evident if we have that expertise in-house or if we must look outside the organization. To search and find appropriate talent, we address the following factors for effective recruiting:

  1. Deeper clarity of candidate motivations

When recruiting, a mistake we often see is that employers (and sometimes recruiters too) do not ask the right questions and do not invest enough time into discussions with potential candidates. We must gain a level of rapport and comfort to get clear on the candidates’ real motivations. We know from experience that you must understand what’s most important to them. Ultimately, these reasons will affect how well they adapt, their performance, commitment, and longevity.

  1. Multi-dimensional candidate assessments

We’ve found that results are greatly improved when we increase our ability to perform multi-dimensional candidate assessments. This will including digging deeper into work experience, skills, and capabilities. You will have created a detailed description of what the successful employee will bring to the table. It’s critical that the discussion covers all relevant areas.

  1. Clear employer branding at all levels

The future employee needs to have a clear picture of what the company stands for, including the mission, vision, and culture. They need to feel confident that they will fit in and that the company’s values align with theirs. This increased clarity is found among the leadership team, within each department, with hiring managers, and further solidified into the job description.

  1. Technology that allows an expanded talent search

With supply and demand a consistent issue, the best results require an ability to use technology to expand your talent pool geographically. It no longer works to only search locally. In our mobile society, there are many reasons employees relocate, near or far, for the right job. There are specific methods to searching and finding a candidate that is an ideal match.

  1. Candid communication about work style preferences

As noted in previous segments of this series, employees have formed definite opinions about their preferred work environment. Many have decided they want to work remotely and won’t settle for less. Others like the idea of having splitting time between home and office, while others want an in-person office setting. Employers must be clear on their requirements and possible compromises, and a heavy discussion on remote work capabilities must be open and direct.

The InPursuit Search Solution

 We’ve all seen obvious shifts in employer-employee dynamics, and we recognize that there are several important factors at play. Here are the necessary steps to winning at the new recruiting and retention game for 2021 and beyond.

 Your Recruiter Toolkit for success

 Have detailed discussions that define the Employer Brand at all levels.

  1. Exercise creativity in building a candidate pool that meets your targeted requirements.
  2. Create a new job design with discussions around how to get the work completed rather than centered on a specific, current employee or on the work itself.
  3. Devote the time for significant candidate communication and relationship building to determine a candidate offer closure.
  4. Recruiters need to know the answers to the following questions:
  • Why are you looking for your next position?
  • What is missing in your current position?
  • What are the driving factors in accepting your next position?
  • What are your compensation expectations?
  • What other opportunities are you considering and how does this one rank?
  • How will you respond to a counteroffer?
  • What are others in your life saying about you making this move?
  • Who will help you make your final decision?

The last 18 months have been difficult for employers and employees, families and individuals. We want to see businesses thrive and move forward with confidence. Of course, this means defining goals and what is needed to reach them. And you need to find—and keep—employees best suited to help you make that happen.

We also want employees to find companies that can provide the challenges, growth and interesting jobs they are craving. As important to the employee is a work setting that can instill the motivation, creativity, and performance that lead to pride in a job well done.

I have devoted my career to enhancing the recruiting process and finding excellent matches that make a positive difference to the company, its employees and their families. If you’d like to discuss the new normal for recruiting success, give me a call at 612-810-0406.

And if you’ve found value in this series, please share it with a friend who might also benefit. Thank you!  —David Zimmel, InPursuit Search

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