The Future Workforce Series – Talent Acquisition for 2021 and Beyond

The Future Workforce Series – Talent Acquisition – 1 OF 6

We’ve seen major changes in the business landscape over the past 15 months, and the imprint will be a lasting one that needs to be addressed. We’ve had conversations, listened to news reports and read commentaries that suggest that we don’t know what it all means or where the solutions lie. In this blog series, we’ll discuss the major areas of impact and how to successfully manage the new normal for an effective workforce.

The workforce is changing.

Recent events have changed the way we do business and how our employees and clients are affected. As the workforce changes, recruiting will need to change with it. Companies, hiring managers, work teams, positions and job descriptions will need to evolve.

Management teams are re-evaluating the traditional workplace environment of offices, workstations, cubicles and conference rooms. They are re-examining work hours, digital options, automation and how to best serve clients while offering employees the flexibility and support needed to be productive.

We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

The pre-pandemic workplace will be difficult to replicate. Some business owners may wish to go back to what was, but the reality is that the world has forever changed. We need to adjust and plan for a vibrant, successful future. That future must be promising for the business, employees and customers.

For business to thrive, productivity is essential, and workers have a variety of personal situations that need to be considered. Some employees can’t wait to get back to work, and some never left their post. For the millions of virtual workers who have worked diligently from home, backyard and vehicle over the last year, many have proven to be highly productive.

It takes a plan to get from here to there.

We see companies creating new work procedures and talent acquisitions processes. Businesses, young and old, are re-designing their How to achieve their Why. Remote workers have tried to carve out a quiet workplace at home, and some organizations are stepping in to help create a more conducive work experience for them at home. Others are creating resourceful options at the office.

One major factor in the success of every business is its employees. We want to hire well, provide education, mentoring and support, and understand what motivates them. That means first understanding the job you are creating and what types of character and skills are required for success.

The InPursuit Search Solution

The Future Workforce Series will provide solutions for employers addressing current and post-pandemic talent acquisition including:

1) Imbalance of the workforce demand and supply

2) How to address the talent pool

3) How we manage communications

4) Creating employer/employee solutions

5) Your Talent Acquisition Toolkit

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