High potential vs. high performance

There is a big difference between employee potential and performance. And the variance between business success and failure business hinges on the ability to decipher this difference in both employees and candidates.

The topic is discussed in a recent article on the Software Advice blog, High Potentials vs. High Performers: A Manager’s Guide to Identify, Assess, and Develop. High performing employees stick out by exceeding expectations and completing difficult projects. High potential employees on the other hand are a little different. They may show good aptitude in the beginning but may peter out as time goes on. Employers must figure out where their employees fall between performance and potential, and this will help with employee development. In the end, turning potential into performance will result in overall company improvement.

At InPursuit we are dedicated to finding the highest caliber of employees for our clients. High performance along with high potential is on our minds throughout the search and placement process. We pride ourselves at finding out exactly what our client is looking for in a new hire. We concentrate on the specific performance expectations in the first six months in our on-boarding process call FirstView™. These expectations will have metrics attached to them, and will help a manager guide the integration of a new employee through a “quick start.” This means each party knows how the other operates, insures a strong working relationship, and transforms potential into performance.

Check out the article: http://bit.ly/S7U4hF