InPursuit meets the blogging world

Here at InPursuit, we’re just like most Minnesotans. Nice, friendly, down-to-earth and we all love weekends up at the cabin. So, when the idea of creating a corporate blog popped up in our morning meeting, needless to say we were all a bit intimidated. A corporate blog? Us? Isn’t that type of stuff meant for social media gurus or political ranters? What could WE, a group of four recruiters have to share with the world that isn’t already out there? In search of what a blog could do for our company we put our heads together and started developing a goal for InPursuit’s blog. Post-Brainstorm we had concluded that each and every one of us had something to share, something we were passionate about and as a collective group- we’re kinda smart!

As we have all come to realize the necessity of social media within the recruiting industry, creating a blog will assist us in not only our own personal discoveries but insight to our clients, candidates and the marketplace as a whole. Now, we may not discover eternal truths or write mind-boggling posts on this adventure into the world of blogging. But, what we do hope to do is share what we know about the recruiting world and what our combined years of experience have taught us about people, life and work. We aspire to spark conversation and contribute valuable discussion to the marketplace. With this said we hope you enjoy the blog and please be willing to give us feedback!